My name is Reeta Minhas-Judd BA, Assoc CIPD, DIP He. I am the founder of RMJ Training Services. I started the company in 2019, because I knew I had so much to offer others and wanted to follow my dream of having my own business.


I have so many years of experience working within customer facing roles and always passionate about good customer service. This is why, I initially created the company. ​It was through working as a Customer Service Manager that I found my niche of training.​ I have trained several individuals over the years in my passionate subject of good customer service skills! I knew this is where I wanted to focus my attention moving forward because on ​my very first training session,  After the session had ended, I asked the trainee for some feedback  and the trainee responded with , "So how many years have you been training?" I realised that I had found my passion and that was Training!.

My passion for Customer Service then led me to start focusing on why we experience so much poor customer service and what makes an individual exude such negativity to others. In order to understand this, I needed to understand the individuals mindset. This is where the next stage of my learning began. In September 2019, I qualified as an NLP Practitioner, which in turn led me to study for a Coaching qualification and my NLP Master Practitioner certificate.

NLP has transformed my life by allowing me to simply change my beliefs and values and mindset with a more positive view and this is something I want to share with everybody. From a personal perspective, my own mental health has been, for a long time, undervalued and not focused upon, however since I began the journey of NLP and have now qualified with my Master Practitioner qualification,  I can now appreciate how important my wellbeing and self-worth are and this is reflected in my outlook on life. I have learnt to work through my negative thoughts and feelings and have accepted these flaws as being part of me and converted them into a positive way. 

While travelling the NLP journey, my clients have addressed many similar issues, to which I wanted to address further, therefore I have started running well-being workshops which I am designing and delivering to help others identity and work through these areas.This in turn led me onto my next phase which is public speaking at events. 

Please enjoy my website and I hope I will be able to offer you assistance in whatever area you wish to focus on.