Mental Health Workshops

Coping With Stress & Anxiety Workshop

This workshop includes addressing how we deal with stress, what it is and ways to cope with in on a daily basis. We look into where the stress generates from and how to come to terms with it and accept that part of us. We will also address what anxiety is and what levels it can exceed to including symptoms of anxiety. How to cope living with anxiety and ways in which to control it at a manageable level. What makes us anxious and is it real or just something we are using to deal with our emotions in a snowball effect.


I recognised after coaching several NLP clients from as young as 16 to their latter years, that there was a common denominator amongst the majority of their issues and concerns: Well-Being and Mental Health. These included clients who were lacking in confidence, thinking negatively, lacking their own self-worth, and experiencing anxiety, frustration, low moods, depression etc. All these issues are connected to our own well-being. This is the main reason why I have created Well-Being Workshops. This will give individuals the chance to explore how to put their own mental health needs first, and how to develop their own self esteem. Sometime in 2021 (subject to Covid-19) I will be running several workshops in different aspects of Mental Health and Well-Being. They are currently all Online Workshops, but hopefully as the vaccination program gets underway, I hope to progress to re-starting face to face workshops! If you would are interested in attending any of my workshops surrounding mental health, or have your own ideas of areas you would like to explore further, I am happy to facilitate, and will run a workshop based upon your suggestions.

Anger Management Workshop

This workshop will address why we get angry sometimes and what is classified as anger management issues? We will also look at how anger stems and what we can do to control it. Why is it something so trivial can make us feel so angry and the implications of our actions when in this state.

Bereavement Workshop

This workshop will look at how to deal with bereavement and ways in which to move forward with your life after losing somebody. The emotions and thoughts we process during the bereavement journey will also be discussed in detail. Is there a quick fix to bereavement, if not how do we deal with the stages of grieving.

Building Confidence

This workshop will address what confidence is and how easily we can lose it and why it sometimes becomes so difficult to regain it. Other areas we will look at include ways in which to boost our confidence and strategies of maintaining confidence. Also how the impact of confidence affects our daily lives and what the root of lack of confidence stems from.

Bullying In The Workplace Workshop

This workshop will address how bullying is evident in all aspects of life including, educational institutions, workplaces and in home life. We will look at what bullying is and how to deal with and live with the repercussions of being bullied. What bullying is and how to deal with an issue of bullying.

Coping With Menopause Workshop

This workshop will address the physical and mental symptoms associated with this female life changing experience. How some women are fortunate to have no symptoms and how others endure years of mental and physical change. What symptoms you can experience and how it affects you mentally and physically.

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

This workshop will look at ways to improve diversity and inclusivity within life. What it means and how we as individuals cope with day to day diversity issues. How we can address issues in this area?

Health & Well-Being Workshop

This workshop will address ways in which to keep healthy and to look after our bodies. This will include ways to balance weight loss/gain and how eating a healthy balanced diet every day. We will also discuss how exercise can help your mental as well as physical health. Also the mindset change when you see a change in your body.

Loneliness Workshop

This workshop will look at what is loneliness and how it stems and ways to deal with in on a day to day basis, also how to manage the emotions associated with the feeling of loneliness. Why do you feel lonely and is there an instigating factor which has not been dealt with that is making you feel these emotions.

Money Matters Workshop

This workshop will address how we deal with our finances and in turbulent times how we cope with the lack of income and how it impacts on our lives. With Covid-19 many individuals have had to endure job loss which in turn impacts on their day to day living. We will ascertain what the importance of money is and why we feel so affected by it.