Well-Being Workshops

I recognised after coaching several NLP clients from as young as 16 to their latter years, that there was a common dominator amongst the majority of their issues and concerns.  There was a dominant factor which was Well-Being and Mental Health. These included clients who were lacking confidence, negative thinking all the time, lacking their own self-worth, experiencing anxiety, frustration, low moods, depression etc. All these issues are connected to our own self-being.


This is the main reason, why I have created Well-Being Workshops. This will give others the chance to put their own mental health needs before others and to top up their own self worth and well-being before they can help others.

I will be throughout 2021 (Subject to Covid-19) be running several workshops in different aspects of Mental Health and Well-Being.

If you would be interested in attending any of my workshops surrounding mental health or have your own ideas of areas you would like to explore further, I am happy to oblige and subject to enough public interest, I will be happy to run a workshop based upon your suggestions.