My Story Continues............

I recognised after coaching several NLP clients from as young as 16 to their later years, that there was a common dominator amongst the majority of their issues and concerns.  There was a dominant factor which was Well-Being and Mental Health. These included clients who were lacking confidence, negative thinking all the time, lacking their own self-worth, experiencing anxiety, frustration, low moods, depression etc. All these issues are connected to our own self-being.


I have become so aware, since qualifying as a NLP Life Coach, that we are

all so busy in our day to day existence, that the one thing we all really crave, but don't appear to have, is our own self awareness of mental health. 

In this current climate, we do not always consider our own welfare as we are more concerned for others and forget that we also need some form of nurturing. 

This is the main reason, why I have created Well-Being Workshops. This will give others the chance to put their own mental health needs before others and to top up their own self worth and well-being before they can help others.

I will throughout 2020 be running several workshops in different aspects of Mental Health and Well-Being.

If you would be interested in attending any of my workshops surrounding mental health or have your own ideas of areas you would like to explore further, I am happy to oblige and subject to enough public interest, I will be happy to run a workshop based upon your suggestions.

Due to the updated

Government Lockdown Guidance for Covid-19, the following workshop will be postponed until

Saturday 5th September 2020. 

I will be delivering an Assertiveness Workshop 

@ Barclays Bank, Clapham Junction on:

Saturday 6th June 2020

10.30am - 12.30pm

(10.00am Registration)

To book your space, email me on

Book Early to avoid disappointment. 

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Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce