Public Speaking

I am proud to announce RMJ Training Services now offer Public Speaking Services at events. This is a new service I have introduced as I have been asked so many times by different individuals to host talks about my journey of NLP, and how my life has changed so dramatically since I took a different path.


The coaching, training and workshops have given me the confidence I needed to be able to public speak, and now I am ready to offer my services on a more professional basis to anybody who wants to listen. I have been an inspiration to many of my clients (so they tell me) and I would like to follow suit with the public speaking.


I am therefore happy to offer my guest speaking services on a complimentary basis to any educational institution, with the subject matter being focused on Mental Health & Well-Being. I will offer my NLP Master Practitioner strategies to help develop a more positive mindset. If you are interested in this project, please email me for further information.


I have a fully enhanced DBS Certification for reference.