Areas Of Excellence

Lacking Confidence

I have met several clients who have been low on confidence. This has impacted on all areas of their lives. There is a view that lacking in confidence can sometimes just affect one aspect of a person's life. However, I believe that it can impact on everything you say and do. Do any of these examples sound familiar and resonate with you?? ​"I will not accept the job offer because I don't feel I'll be successful in the role and don't want to be seen as a failure"​ "I'm not going to confront an issue for fear of reprisal and humiliation"​ "I can't follow my dream, because I just don't think I'm good enough"​ "I decline any invitations to functions, because I feel that I'll be ignored or ridiculed"​ "I don't like to ask for help, for fear of people thinking it's a stupid question"

Constant Negative Outlook

This is very common for many people lacking confidence, which in turn feeds a negative outlook. With some people, their glass is "half empty", because they chose to see things in a more negative light so that when bad things do happen, they have prepared themselves for it and feel justified for thinking like that. When they are in the "negative zone", everything appears to be dark and they see nothing but negativity and dispondency. Do any of these examples found familiar??? "I knew my computer was going to break one day and now it has" "It always rains when I am going out" "I never have any luck" "I hate my job and my boss doesn't like me" "The world is a horrible place and everybody hates me"

Self Esteem & Self Worth

So many people do not believe in their own self worth. They tend to forget or blot out any positive things they have achieved in their lives and instead focus on what they have not managed or gained. They make comparisons on what others have and feel they will never be able to achieve. Self worth and self esteem are very closely connected to lacking of confidence and negativity. People believe that they are not worthy. It is not necessarily the view of others, but the individual chooses to think that this is the case. Some examples of this may include: "I wish I was as attractive and confident as him/her"​ "I look so fat, I just can't seem to lose any weight" "I will never be able to do that job efficiently" "He/She will never ask me out because I am not pretty or intelligent enough" "They have achieved so much in their career but I could never achieve those heights"

Suppressing Traumatic Issues

Suppressed traumatic Issues is another aspect which I have dealt with on a personal and professional basis. It is so easy to suppress things we don't want to think about or talk about for fear of feeling a certain emotion like anxiety, but then the issue will never be dealt with and will fester, until and unless it is addressed and managed. If not, issues or traumatic experiences can form into a physical form and this can cause health issues because of the constant anxiety and stress of not dealing with the matter. I was bullied as a child at school and I never disclosed this information to any of my family or friends at the time, for fear of feeling ashamed and being judged. It took years for me to identify why I was feeling and behaving the way I was and how to deal with my emotions. I am now able to deal with the trauma I experienced as a child and I am now at peace with this issue, and consequently have moved on and left the negative experience in the past, where it belongs.

Coping & Dealing With Bullying

Bullying is not just prevalent in the school playground, it is present in everyday life including an individual's work life, personal life, relationship, family life. As a survivor of bullying, I know how important it is to address and not disregard the feeling and emotions. I speak from experience, as it will haunt you for life and impact on everything you do. Your personality will alter because the emotions of bullying, if it is not addressed. Learning to cope and deal with bullying will give you the strength to know it is wrong and to make the changes required to stop it from taking place in whatever aspect of your life you are experiencing it. In my experience, bullying made me a "people pleaser", having to be subservient to others, and I was too worried to speak my mind for fear of being bullied in return.

Coping with Bereavement

So many of my client have lost loved ones and have found it hard to deal with the aftermath. Grieving is a natural process, however because we dont like feeling this emotion we try and fast forward it and end up feeling worse because we have not come to terms with the emotion and loss. In order to move forward with your life, we need to make peace with the loss and allow the grieving process to run its course. We never forget those we have lost, but we can come to terms with it and allow ourselves to continue with life.


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