Craig Rumley

"I had the pleasure of working with Reeta for over 6 years at my local leisure centre.
She was a fantastic manager and was very driven to provide the best customer service by regularly training all the staff. Reeta has fantastic people skills & highly recommend her skills to improve customer service in any sector of business." (Kent)

Gemma Gage

"I attended one of Reeta's training courses and found it to be concise, versatile and enjoyable. The key points I obtained from the session, I have taken with me through various customer service roles. The material delivered was of very high quality and valuable to any customer service department." (East Sussex)

Gerard Charles

"I observed Reeta whilst she was studying for her teaching degree and found her to be very confident and natural with her class. It is very apparent that she is truly passionate for her specialised subject of Customer Service" (London)

Elle Lewis

"I met Reeta in 2014 when I began working at Beckets Sports Centre where she was the Deputy Manager and in charge of staff training. What could have been a very daunting process turned out to be an excellent working relationship with someone I really respected. Her unfailing support and friendliness made our training sessions together something I truly looked forward to. Her patience and diligence make Reeta an excellent trainer."(Kent)

Graham Topley

"I am happy to write this testimonial for Reeta Minhas-Judd to endorse her abilities as a skilled trainer and communicator in the education field. As her tutor on a number of teacher training courses I have seen at first hand the professional and dedicated approach Reeta takes to delivering clear and precise ideas and communication generally. She takes a caring and committed approach to all that she does and works positively to create an inclusive environment that respects diversity. I'm confident that she will bring the same qualities to customer service training and recommend her strongly." (North London)

Sheena Bowers

"Customer Care is essential for all staff in our Sports and Fitness Suite.

The content of this professional Course was relevant to our business, interesting with excellent presentation style and had a good mixture of presentation and activities. Those who attended Reeta's Customer Service Training Course said it gave them the knowledge and confidence to provide a higher level of service, to solve the challenges of difficult situations and appreciate customer's needs.  It was fun, interesting and valuable." (Kent)

Alex Gage

"I attended Reeta's Customer Service Training Course and found it to be concise and enjoyable. The material that was delivered during the course has helped within my future career. A well presented and informative training session." (West Sussex)

Lucy Sutherland

"I participated in one of Reeta's customer service training session and found it to be very informative and interesting. It was well designed and delivered and has helped with my continual personal development of customer service within my job role as a Receptionist." (London)