Life Therapy

"Thank you Reeta. I have really appreciated my recent visits and sessions and wanted to let you know that you have been an incredible support and listener."

"I felt I could open up to you quickly and confidently share the reason I had reached out for NLP. Although I’m normally positive I came to you feeling quite broken and overwhelmed and I desperately needed to speak to someone else other than burden a friend family or a GP. You have helped me look at my situation with a different perspective with fresh eyes and shown me coping techniques that I have put into practice. I know your new to this but I feel you couldn’t have chosen a better career path. You’’re warm open and have a natural gift to help others. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a client of yours and also to sit with a therapist who is not clock watching and genuinely cares about the needs of others. Keep up the wonderful work as you have an amazing ability, insight and compassion. I wanted to say a huge thank you" (H.Y.), London

"Reeta is a great listener and together with strong empathetic skills, enables her to get to a root problem that can be responsible for a multitude of personality and or physical disorders.

"Then using her NLP skills and knowledge can provide practical solutions that can completely, without too much difficulty, turn things around. In addition, she is a marvellous motivator that can turn a negative way at looking at life to a much more positive healthier one" (C.K.), London

"Reeta is really approachable and is very passionate in her desire to help people.

"She is living proof that NLP can change your whole outlook on life, and during our sessions she has been kind and sensitive, and I really like her 'can-do' attitude" (J.B.), London

"I have seen Reeta three times during which she has taught me several different techniques to help me cope with, and ultimately get over my phobia.

"She has encouraged me to think about causes and triggers of my phobia in a different light, giving me a more positive outlook. During my 3 sessions I felt at ease with Reeta in a comfortable and friendly environment. Reeta is passionate about helping people and changing their mindset in the same way that NLP has changed hers" (M.D.E.), London

"I’ve been to see Reeta twice and found her so helpful.

"You can tell her whatever you want and the atmosphere is easy and chatty. She’s there to give you the strategies to change the path of those negative thoughts and beliefs. All you have to do is use them. She loves her work and is motivated by a desire to help, not money orientated, so if you want to help yourself, go to Reeta" (L.S.), London

"Reeta has been an outstanding life coach in helping me view my life through a different lens.

"I have gained enhanced clarity and tenacity regarding my purpose. Reeta is an extremely gracious, kind and affable coach who has been like my personal cheerleader championing my cause from the sidelines. Her unwavering support has given me the grit and resolve to continue my life’s passion. I would strongly recommend Reeta to anyone interested in boosting any aspect of their life"​ (D.F.), London

"I have seen Reeta for 2 sessions and I feel like a weight has been lifted from me I have spoken about things that have been buried for years.

"I am looking at situations differently and realising I cannot change others. I can change me. I would recommend Reeta to anyone" (P.R.), London

"Reeta has given me some very insightful and helpful sessions which has proven to really work.

"I have learnt a lot and been able to put my learnings into practice in my day to day life. Reeta is very personable, warm and easy to talk to which made me feel at ease from the start. I would highly recommend Reeta for anyone thinking about having NLP sessions" (L.B.), London

"Reeta made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my first session.

"I felt able to talk to her about stuff that I wouldn't usually be able to talk about with friends & family. She made me have a better understanding of myself and gave me strategies that I have been putting into practice to be the best version of myself" (A.S.), London

"Reeta is such an easy and comfortable person to talk to

"There’s no judgement, just good listening and relaxed conversation. She offers supportive and practical help, and suggestions on how to take the next step. Reeta has helped me become more focused on the positive. The sessions have been both motivating and confidence building. I’d recommend and encourage you to book a session of NLP with Reeta – it could change your life" (G.C.), London

"I have attended two sessions with Reeta, and I can’t express how much these have changed me.

"Reeta’s strategies are helping me to deal with my emotional baggage in a positive way. Her support has been a boost to my confidence, something that I really struggle with. I am also learning to accept that there are things and people I cannot change. Instead I’m learning to change and believe in myself more. I cannot thank her enough for guiding me through this new path that I am taking. She is a great listener and very empathetic. I would recommend Reeta to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life and is looking to make a change or anyone who just needs someone to talk and to listen to them without judgment" (C.A.), London

"I know there are no quick fixes to problems that I have spent years facing.  I also know that the solution often lies within and might need a little agitation.

"My challenges have been exacerbated by poor health, complex family relations and financial pressures. Being pressed up against this situation for so long made me seek out someone I could speak with confidentially. I have previously seen lofty psychologists and psychotherapists without ever feeling unburdened of what's inside me, let alone finding a solution. I took the opportunity of meeting Reeta, and while I have only had two sessions, I can see there are several important differences between her and other professionals I have sought help from; Reeta is an excellent active listener who asks questions and makes comments underpinning her compassionate and empathetic connection with me. Secondly, she offers common-sense thinking that has set my wheels turning in terms of the solutions I can find that are appropriate for me. If you are looking for a no nonsense discussion with someone that will listen attentively and throw back helpful responses, look no further" (I.M.), London

"Reeta has been so helpful and she is excellent at what’s she does. Our meetings are the highlight of my week

"She helps to lay down your ideas on a table and understand what you are trying to gain. She is also a very approachable person in the sense that I feel I'm able to talk to her about anything without feeling judged. Reeta is absolutely great at what she does and there is no doubt that she has helped me alot in only 3 sessions and has made a major impact already" (R.A.A.), London

"I came to see Reeta 2 weeks ago. She firstly asked me would I like anything to eat or drink, she's such a lovely person.

"I had just finished work. She was very welcoming of me into her home. Her office is very cosy and comfortable. She never checked the time, she was very easy to talk to and listened to me, she never judged, just listened. Im going through quite a difficult time in my life and I'm hoping to see her again soon. I would highly recommend Reeta to anyone who needs someone to talk to, NLP training or advice on anything
Thanks very much Reeta"
(M.C.), London

"Thank You Reeta for your kindness in offering complimentary sessions during a torrid and frightening year of uncertainty.

"Having suffered a double bereavement during the midst of a pandemic, I am very grateful for your warmth, your professionalism, and your ability to make me feel at ease. You have helped me to understand that on my life journey, there will always be both sad and happy times, and that neither have expiry dates..." (J.J.), London


"I really enjoyed attending Reetas workshop".

"It was nice to be able to interact with people of different ages and to hear about their experiences & thoughts on certain subject and topics. It gave a sense of community, and was good networking for me as my job is very much envolved in health & wellbeing" "Ashleigh",Confidence Building & Positive Thinking Workshop, 27/01/20

"This workshop is so comfortable and easy."

"It focuses on how to start thinking positively about yourself and your world and offers clear steps to progress into a better mindset. It’s welcoming and reassuring and there’s no pressure to speak – you can just listen and enjoy a helpful and encouraging few hours" "Gill", Confidence Building & Positive Thinking Workshop, 27/01/20

"I am so happy that I attended your workshop!"

"It was so well organised, informative, and I really appreciated the way you delivered bite size chunks of information. Yes, enough for me to focus on as I look forward to developing my knowledge and learnings and skill set so that I am better prepared to overcome challenges as and when they present themselves
With Sincere Gratitude"
"Vida", Confidence Building & Positive Thinking Workshop, 27/01/20

"I loved Reeta's confidence and positive thinking workshop today it was very inspiring"

"Packed with really helpful, doable tips to break those down days and begin to turn life around. Reeta's care and love for people shines through as she presents making everyone feel valued. Thanks so much Reeta, can't wait for the next one" "Lynne", Confidence Building & Positive Thinking Workshop, 27/01/20

"Reeta’s workshop was a very well-run event, about a subject for which she demonstrates a real passion."

"Reeta’s workshop was a very well-run event, about a subject for which she demonstrates a real passion. Reeta encourages plenty of participation from attendees, through a variety of techniques, and is very supportive and encouraging with their contributions" "Howard", Confidence Building & Positive Thinking Workshop, 27/01/20

"I found the workshop to be very interesting."

"I found the workshop to be very interesting. It made me think about improving my life for the better. It also helped me confront issues in my past which were holding me back." "Yvonne", Confidence Building & Positive Thinking Workshop, 27/01/20

"The subject was very relevant to a fairly recent experience"

Overall a very good bereavement workshop, which I would recommend to anyone who is currently struggling with bereavement. (Colin, Bereavement Workshop 05/03/21)

Business Development

"I had the pleasure of working with Reeta for over 6 years at my local leisure centre."

"She was a fantastic manager and was very driven to provide the best customer service by regularly training all the staff. Reeta has fantastic people skills & highly recommend her skills to improve customer service in any sector of business." Craig Rumley, Kent

"I met Reeta in 2014 when I began working at Beckets Sports Centre where she was the Deputy Manager and in charge of staff training."

"What could have been a very daunting process turned out to be an excellent working relationship with someone I really respected. Her unfailing support and friendliness made our training sessions together something I truly looked forward to. Her patience and diligence make Reeta an excellent trainer." Elle Lewis, Kent

"I participated in one of Reeta's customer service training session and found it to be very informative and interesting."

"It was well designed and delivered and has helped with my continual personal development of customer service within my job role as a Receptionist." Lucy Sutherland, Surrey

"I am happy to write this testimonial for Reeta Minhas-Judd to endorse her abilities as a skilled trainer and communicator in the education field."

"As her tutor on a number of teacher training courses I have seen at first hand the professional and dedicated approach Reeta takes to delivering clear and precise ideas and communication generally. She takes a caring and committed approach to all that she does and works positively to create an inclusive environment that respects diversity. I'm confident that she will bring the same qualities to customer service training and recommend her strongly." Graham Topley, North London

"Customer Care is essential for all staff in our Sports and Fitness Suite."

The content of this professional Course was relevant to our business, interesting with excellent presentation style and had a good mixture of presentation and activities. Those who attended Reeta's Customer Service Training Course said it gave them the knowledge and confidence to provide a higher level of service, to solve the challenges of difficult situations and appreciate customer's needs. It was fun, interesting and valuable." Sheena Bowers, Kent

"I attended one of Reeta's training courses and found it to be concise, versatile and enjoyable."

The key points I obtained from the session, I have taken with me through various customer service roles. The material delivered was of very high quality and valuable to any customer service department." Gemma Gage, West Sussex

"I observed Reeta whilst she was studying for her teaching degree and found her to be very confident and natural with her class."

"It is very apparent that she is truly passionate for her specialised subject of Customer Service" Gerard Charles, South West London

"I attended Reeta's Customer Service Training Course and found it to be concise and enjoyable"

"The material that was delivered during the course has helped within my future career. A well presented and informative training session." Alex Gage, West Sussex


"Sessions with Reeta have really helped me changed my mindset on my approach to life."

"She has helped me find better ways of dealing with anxiety and boosting confidence. Reeta offers a non-judgemental space and is very easy to talk to. I highly reccomend her services. Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 6th May 2020 Re A. From All Saints Wimbledon

"I have attended one of Reeta’s workshops and was very impressed"

"I have attended one of Reeta’s workshops and was very impressed. Her skills in life coaching and her passion for trying to help people look at how to deal with bad situations is very natural and I would recommend her." Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 14th April 2020 Howard J. From Summerstown

"Reeta was very helpful"

"I found this service to be really useful, and supportive! Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 15th April 2020 Wendy G. From Summerstown

"I found Reeta’s course extremely helpful."

"Not only with my business model but also with my own personal attitude A delightful and engaging lady.' Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 15th April 2020 Paul R. From Summerstown

"Reeta is amazing, I am highly recommending her, she went out of her way to help me, she isn't in it for the money, like most businesses are, she has a heart of gold and is a true friend of mine."

"Thank you Reeta for being there for me in my time of need, I will never ever forget your kindness, support and compassion to me" Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 15th April 2020 Marion C. From Upper Tooting

"I saw Reeta for an initial consultation she was absolutely brilliant . Very professional and really helped me to change my way of thinking"

"My teenage son also had some sessions with her and we saw an improvement. Shes so easy to talk to and so approachable. I would highly recommend her." Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 15th April 2020 Khairun R. From West Tooting

"Reeta is an unquestionably positive person."

She has excellent listening skills and completely non-judgemental. Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 15th April 2020 Irfan M. From Wimbledon Hillside

"If you're feeling a little anxious, need to talk to someone who will listen without judgement and who can build your confidence"

"She offer sensible and confidential life advice then I can really recommend Reeta at RMJ Training Services." Recommended Your Business, Nextdoor Website, 18th April 2020 Gill C. From All Saints Wimbledon

Public Speaking

"I would like to make a comment on how much I enjoyed Reeta's public speaking session."

"I would like to make a comment on how much I enjoyed Reeta's public speaking session. It was at a friends event in West London. I knew Reeta was entertaining and not shy at talking, but it was the first time I have seen her speak at a public event. I found Reeta delivered the speech very confidently with alot of passion, but above all it was entertaining where she held the audiences attention throughout. The message was communicated with ease and with no awkward pauses. I felt Reeta was in her element"
Vijay Dewitt, 2019

"I found that Reeta has an excellent ability to hold the audiences attention by her clear and simple approach to public speaking"

"Reeta has a great sense of humour and keeps her audience interested until the end. Thank you for an excellent presentation Reeta." Surrinder Kumar, 2019

"Reeta has a naturally engaging delivery style."

"It gets the audience on board quickly. Lots of prep has no doubt been done in the background, but the presentation didn’t come across as over rehearsed or scripted. Very inspirational and motivating". Tasha Judd, 2019

"Reeta exuberated confidence and charm in her delivery"

"Reeta engages her audience very well and with a clear and confident speech" Thank you." Khaled Rouf, 2019

“Reeta’s one of the most engaging speakers I’ve heard in a very long time!"

"Her warmth shines through, as does her sense of humour. She certainly knows how to work the room!” Tom Croasdell, 2019

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation you gave in October 2019. Your delivery was so engaging that I Iost track of time"

"You captivated an audience with your charm and wit, which drew everyone in and held their attention for the duration of an hour. It was a pleasure to hear your humerous stories. There was never a dull moment by any measure, you are an effective speaker. Thank you" Maureen Daubney, 2019

"I was fortunate to attend a large social event last year at which Reeta gave a highly entertaining presentation

"I am therefore very pleased to endorse her public speaking skills. It was evident that she had taken great care in the preparation of her material. Her delivery was spot-on. She spoke with a confident assurance and at a pace which held the audience's attention throughout. In the light-hearted context of the occasion, she was clearly looking to provide an appropriate blend of humour with interesting and relevant factual content. She met her aims most successfully. Tim Keay JP, 2019

“Reeta was the speaker at an event I attended

"She spoke very well. She kept the audience entertained with wit and relevant facts about the event. She has an engaging manner". Asha Koshal, 2019

"I have been fortunate to attend several social events at which Reeta has spoken."

"The most recent one was a large social event last year, at which Reeta gave a very entertaining presentation. My first impression is that Reeta always does her homework, an important factor in public speaking. Her delivery was confident and assured and she managed to keep the audience’s attention throughout, with a mix of humour and interesting, relevant information. She certainly seems to know how to engage an audience. I am thus pleased to endorse her public speaking skills."

Peter Ingram, 2019

"Last year I attended an event which Reeta was public speaking at and I was very impressed with her delivery and her presenting skills."

"She was very concise and informative throughout her speech" Ann Diment, 2019

Brown & Proud Reviews

Balbir Koshal - Love the honesty of the book

Hi Reeta, I have read your book from start to finish and I must say that I admire your openness with honesty, and truth in all parts of your growing up. You did not hide anything as most people would. You showed your achievements and success by turning everything on its head by being jovial and funny. All credits due to you. Well done Reeta as you are the first person in our circle to write a book on a personal nature of growing up. By writing this book you have elevated your self above all by becoming an author and starting your own business RMJ Training services. I have every respect for you. Wishing you the best

Matthew Prescod - Mrs Judd's first foray in writing

This light-hearted book contains a blend of humour and hardship, leaving the reader with lots to laugh about, and lots to think about. I look forward to reading Mrs. Judd's future work and wholeheartedly recommend this short read.

Daisy Shortis - An amazing read

This is a great read. It explains in several examples the predicament modern day or younger British Asians have sometimes had to deal with, that of balancing their huge respect for their parents and their culture, whilst at the same time being exposed to and engaging in Western ways and behaviour, be they at school or at work. Many of the stories resonated with me, witnessing the challenges several friends in mixed marriages have faced. There are a few moments which make you want to cry or even to cringe, but there is also plenty of humour, including some laugh-out-loud moments. The book illustrates Reeta’s strong sense of independence, yet also underlines her deep love for her parents and her devotion to them. What a journey Reeta has had.

Les Woodley - An enjoyable read!

A great little read with some funny tales.I really enjoyed it! An enjoyble read

Rupa Phull - Highly recommended

Definitely recommend this book. Offers a great insight into the author’s journey throughout her life from the good times to the bad times .Love the way she uses humour to tell her life story.

Michelle Jeeves - Can't recommend this book enough!!!

I really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down!
The book gives a interesting and at times very funny insight into the writers life.
Looking forward to the next book.
Highly recommend this book to anyone of any age and from any walk of life there is something in this book for everyone.

Anna Sebastian - Really loved the book!

Really enjoyed this book, really unique and well written!

Ann Diment - Such a lovely story

What a lovely little book, I did enjoy it as I couldn't put it down till I got to chapter 6 as my eyes said its time for sleep! The chapters all started with music titles which I remember and was well away singing them the next day when reading the book. Primary and Junior school were enjoyable, however when she started in secondary school things did change, unfortunately for the writer, not for the better. Brilliant book!

Marion Costello - Amazing Read!

Reeta is a good friend of mine, shes written this book amazingly, I couldn't put it down, it will make you laugh and cry, I never read, but I had it read within 48 hrs of receiving it

A must read!!!!!

Rita O'Leary - What a Book!

A very enjoyable read taking you through the life of the author and her experience with bullying and racism growing up, and how she dealt with it including pockets of humour. The story begins with her parents journey from India to England during the late 50's and bringing up a young family and settling down in Kent to finally becoming a very successful and happy woman!

Charlotte Fielder MBE - Reeta's story is very poignant

Many years ago, at the tender age of 16, I started work in a warehouse at Heathrow Airport. I worked as a clerk in an office with half a dozen older Asian ladies who would take me to Cranford at lunchtime to an Indian cafe where we would feast on samosas, pakoras and bhajis all washed down with sweetened tea. Some of the ladies had daughters of a similar age to me and they would ask questions about my family life and tell me stories about their families. They would give me little presents like bangles and beaded sandals from the market at Southall and sweets at Diwali. I adored these ladies. They were so kind to a naïve 16 year old and helped me adjust to my working life. When I moved into another job they said “Don’t forget your aunties”. And in reading ‘Brown & Proud’ by Reeta Minhas-Judd, I’m reminded of my aunties and I shudder to think what harassment they were subjected to.
Reeta’s story is a very poignant and deeply personal account of growing up in the UK and being picked out for the colour of your skin. The UK was very different in the 1970s and 1980s racism was rampant, overt and insidious with groups like the National Front spreading hatred and terror. Reta’s book has made me realise that the good humour and sweetness of my aunties hid a much deeper truth about the state of race relations in the UK. Reeta’s book takes a lid off the reality and has given me so much context and detail about what it was like to grow up is a minority ethnic group in the UK. In the 70s. It wasn’t all tea and samosas. Life was hard for Asian Immigrant families trying to establish themselves in a country where there was so much hostility and bigotry which was passed down and acted out in the playground and classroom, as much as anywhere else. Readers will be appalled by racial discrimination and bullying Reeta was subjected to at school and in the workplace. However Reeta has channelled her experiences and give a credible and often nuanced account. This makes Reeta’s story of historical importance, and it should be included in records of how Asian people were treated in the UK when they first arrived here.
Reeta also describes her family life, relationships and the conflict of being brought up in a traditional family, but wanting to choose her career, boyfriends or decide to live on your own. Reeta is a pioneer, in so far as she pushed for independence yet retained such close ties and such a loving relationship with her parents. However, the backdrop to her story is of being Asian and growing up and living in a predominantly white English country and how it impacted upon her. Please note, this is not a ‘pity me’ memoir and Reeta describes some events in an upbeat and sometimes humorous way describing humour as her ‘best defence’
We are now in the 2020s and the 1970s seems a long time ago, but racism has not gone away. It is to Reeta’s credit that she has been able to take all her experiences and craft them into ‘Brown & Proud’ Reeta’s accounts enables readers to understand her experiences. If you are white and feel uncomfortable or angry about the racism, then good, you should feel discomfort and anger because these emotions allows you and me to challenge those who judge others on the basis of the colour of their skin. as Edmund Burke said ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’ so when we read Reeta’s story, we gain some of the extra knowledge required to challenge today’s overt and casual racism. It becomes impossible to do nothing, because you will remember the story of a young girl subjected to hideous bulling and torment. We must thank Reeta for inviting us into her world, owning her story and for telling it without recrimination or accusation.

Lucy - Read this book!

I reached for this book because of the interesting description on the back cover. Being an immigrant in the UK myself, we should be aware of the fight that we have to face every single day and to have hope that we will be successful.
The most important thing is to have a goal and try to achieve it no matter what life throws at us.
The author of this book is an amazing exampl, describing herself and her family, Asian immigrants- facing a number of problems in day-to-day life.
After years of fight there is a victory. The smiling face of the author speaks for herself as she became a fulfilled woman, caring wife, successful businesswoman. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested about life of the immigrants, their experiences and difficulties that they had to overcome each day in the UK.