Bespoke Customer Service Training

Poor levels of customer service in the UK are becoming more common. How many times have you cringed listening to a receptionist on the telephone or even worse, face to face with clients? Watching clients leaving your business without any satisfaction, or lodging complaints! We want to help to tackle these issues, and to assist your business and organisation to improve their standards of good customer service. Therefore, we can design, deliver and tailor to your specification, the highest level of Bespoke Customer Service Training, either on a one to one basis, or in small groups. Our initial visit would be to assess your requirements and from that, put together a suitable package. Prices and full costings would be provided prior to any bookings. Delivery of the courses could be held at your convenience and at your place of business.

RMJ Training Services offers the choice of either a Bespoke Customer Service Training course or alternatively we also offer a universal Customer Service Training Course package which will include the following categories. For a full detailed list of all subjects which will be delivered for each package, please get in touch.

Committed to Excellence

Outstanding Quality - 

The standard of the courses will be outstanding and informative. The beauty of the bespoke training courses will ensure that all information provided will relate to your job role.

Continuing Professional Development

The training can be part of your employees continual professional development (CPD).

With the training being delivered on site, management are able to assess the training and monitor the development of the staff moving forward. If staff need further training, this can be provided.

Financial Savings

No hire costs, courses delivered straight to your business

All courses will be delivered at your business premises which will save hire costs on alternative venues, and also save time, money and the inconvenience of staff being off site.

Follow Up Evaluation

Carrying out a review of trained staff

After a period of time a follow up evaluation will be carried out to ensure the training provided has improved skills and if any further training is required.

All training courses will be tailored for each individual business, therefore prices will be ​provided and agreed with clients before any delivery of courses.

Training Courses

Customer Service Skills - Bronze Package

This package includes an initial consultation, designing and delivery of the training course. It also includes 1 follow up visit after the training session to review the progress of the candidate. “What is Good Customer Service? Customer "Unfriendly & "Friendly" Language Why say it with a smile and not a frown? Interacting with clients face to face Telephone Skills Dealing with Angry Clients Dealing with Client Complaints Evaluation Q & A Session

Customer Service Skills - Silver Package

This package includes an initial consultation, designing and delivery of the training course. It also includes 2 follow up visits to review the progress of the candidate. Bronze Level Course Review Why be positive ? What is Body Language? Why is my dress code so important? Dealing with phone Rage! Interacting with angry Clients Why do complaints escalate? How to deal with confrontation Why is it important to say the right thing? Evaluations Q & A Session

Customer Service Skills - Gold Package

This package includes an initial consultation, designing and delivery of the training course. It also includes 2 follow up visits to review the progress of the candidate. Silver Level course review Why empathise with clients Why are we not prioritising? The complaint cycle Treating clients differently (Polite & Impolite) What are listening skills Importance of the Receptionist How do we gain client confidence? It's all about the pampering! Why are we waiting! Employee Customer Care Policy Evaluation Q & A Session ​

Effective Communication Skills

This course looks at different forms of communication and how to use it effectively and efficiently within your business. What is Effective Communication Skills? Friendly & Unfriendly Language Rewards & Downfalls of Communication Guess The Mood Face To Face Communication Telepone Skills Electronic Communication Think Before Communicating

Preparation For Employment

This course is useful for those who are seeking employment. It wil assist you in preparing you for work life and what to expect Preparing For The Job Search! Where To Find Employment Finding The Perfect Job Researching The Job Applying For The Job
Completing An Application Form Presentation Skills Interview Skills Being Successful & Unsuccessful

Article Published in Business Connexions Magazine

Training Within Business, Page 25, September 2019 Edition

Customer Service hasn’t always been a priority within UK business. So many companies, especially in the current climate, are more interested in making money and therefore, the first thing in the financial budget which is trimmed, and in some cases, completely abandoned, is training. Companies can ask themselves, why should we pay for our staff to be trained, when we can save money, and at the end of the financial year end up in the black? As far as senior management are concerned, the company has made a saving of several thousands of pounds, made a profit, so flourishes financially. However, what is not considered is the amount of potential customers – and staff for that matter – who they have lost, due to the lack of investment in customer service training for their staff. This is never taken into account when it comes to making money. This is, in my opinion, a very short-sighted outlook by any business. Every organisation wants to be a success and profit margins need to look healthy, however any form of training is imperative in order to allow staff to not only learn, but to help them grow and to keep them motivated. Realistically, it’s not just about the money! Starting from basics, customer service training should be compulsory within all companies. It should not just be introduced to customer facing staff, but to all staff. Whatever your occupation, you should be aware of and be able to display basic customer service skills, which can be transferable across all professions. It is not just for your customers, but just as importantly for your work colleagues. Without a good professional working relationship with your colleagues, it’s not a pleasant work environment. This can impact on the standard of work by individuals, and can lead to an increase in staff turnover. For so many years, customer service training has been acknowledged, but it is not been addressed as a pivotal component within many company policies, because there is always something else which is more important and superior. Therefore, training, especially customer service training, becomes secondary to other business needs and priorities. What is not taken into consideration though, is how much potential business has been lost, because of the lack of good customer service skills. By introducing training for staff as a higher priority in companies, this will ultimately enable and encourage staff to become more motivated and productive. Psychologically, they will start to feel that they are being invested in, and that they are of importance to the company. This will, in turn, show management the potential of their staff, because they will work at a more productive level. It will give the management the opportunity to evaluate any shortfalls in performance standards and identify more specific and relevant training accordingly. Any form of training of staff is a positive deed, as we should always be ready to learn something new. If companies invested specifically in customer service training, poor customer service would be a rare occurrence, instead the epidemic it is now, and companies would flourish - as trained staff will be happy staff! Reeta Minhas-Judd is Managing Director of RMJ Training Services, who specialises in customer service training.